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DIY Pincushion

Andrea Coyle
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Pincushions make such a cute and inexpensive gift for all of your quilting and sewing friends! They can easily be personalized by picking out a container or fabric color that you know will be loved and cherished by the recipient!


- 1 small to medium sized ceramic container such as a candle holder, tea cup, small bowl, or small flower pot (we recommend visiting your local thrift and charity shops to find one)
- Craft Glue (we recommend Beacon Liquid Fabric Adhesive)
- crushed walnut shell (available at your local quilt and pet shops)
- scrap fabrics (about 10”x10” pieces)
- thread and needle
- small funnel

Before I talk about how to make your pincushion, please know that it is not an exact science! Each pincushion will be constructed a little differently so be patient and keep trying!

Step 1 Cut out 2 (or 4 if you wish to have a lining) pieces of fabric roughly the shape of your container opening. Make sure the your pieces a 1-2” bigger that your opening. Place your pieces of fabric wrong sides together (sandwiching the lining pieces inside).

Step 2 Use a running stitch to stitch around the edge of your sandwiched pieces of fabric. Leave a small opening.

Step 3 Use your funnel to fill your fabric pouch made in step 2 with walnut shell.

Step 4 Test the size and shape of your walnut filled pouch by placing it in your selected container. You may need to add or remove walnut shell to make it fit properly. It should be a fairly tight fit.

Step 5 Once you are happy with the look of your pincushion, remove the walnut filled pouch. You will now glue the pouch into the container, being careful not to get glue on the exposed fabric (your pincushion top!). You may need to put something heavy on top of your pincushion while it dries to keep it from popping out of the container.

Step 6 Wrap and gift or enjoy!

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If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at happysquirrelquilts@gmail.com! We’d also love see your finished pincushions! Feel free to email us or tag us on social media!

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