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Easy Tube Quilt

Andrea Coyle

We are excited to share the Easy Tube Quilt instructions with you! This quilt is the perfect project for beginner quilters and for charity quilts. It is a great size for a wheel chair quilt or childrens quilt. It looks awesome in red, white, and blue!


Easy Tube Quilt
by Happy Squirrel Quilts
Finished Size: 36” X 44”

Supplies Needed:
5 different fabrics 10” X WOF
1 1/2 yards of backing fabric
1/2 yard binding fabric
1 1/2 yards of batting
Safety Pin
Seam Ripper

1. Cut the 5 10” X WOF fabric in half. You should now have 10 5” X WOF strips.
2. Layout fabric in desired order. Example fabric 12345,12345.
3. Sew the 10 strips together (long edges together) using 1/4” seam. Always sew with your fabric “right sides” together for this project.
4. Iron seams. First row, iron seam up. Second row, iron seam down. Continue alternating. This will help your seams nest together.
5. Sew the bottom row to the top row, making a tub.
6. Place tube of fabric on cutting board. Trim edge to square, then cut into eight 5” strips (across the tube). Carefully stack the strips (which are still loops) in order as you cut them.
7. Take the first strip (#1 - strip on the top of your pile) and remove the seam at the top. Put safety pin in the top left corner (indicating the top of the quilt).
8. Take the next strip (#2) and remove the seam 1 block down from the top.
9. Sew strips #1 and #2 together. You should be able to see your blocks begin to stagger in a diagonal pattern.
10. Take the next strip (#3) from the pile and remove the seam 2 blocks down from the top. 
11. Sew strip #3 to the the strips already stitched together. 
12. Continue step 10 until you have completed all 8 strips.
13. Iron top.
14. Add backing, batting, and top.
15. Quilt as desired.
16. Bind and enjoy!

If you prefer to have printed instructions, please consider purchasing one of our Easy Tube Quilt kits! Our kits create a two color version of the Easy Tube Quilt and includes the fabric for the top and binding!

Easy Tube Kit

Cute easy tube quilt kit packaged in a little paint can. Comes in thee different color options.



-Top Fabric


Finished Size: 36" x 44"

We'd love to see your Easy Tube Quilt! You can send pictures of your project to happysquirrelquilts@gmail.com. We would love to share them on our website and social media! Have a nutty day!